What being an Artist means to me

Art is about identity, expression, communication, and interpretation. Some artists are dedicated to creating beauty whereas others strive to shock or enlighten. I hope to do all three. I used to think I had nothing important to say. It wasn't political or provocative, but in retrospect I always had a message. My art is about encouraging women to see their own beauty, and to stop allowing their flaws to hold them back. I grew up giving makeovers, designing costumes and doing photo shoots. I later became a professional makeup artist. Now I work freelance offering many services, but I am still most fulfilled by creating portraits. My friends call me when they are down and say, "Liza, work your magic, make me beautiful, please!"

Painting and singing have also been a lifesaving outlet. Being able to express feelings about love, children, death and rebirth, has comforted and healed me. It connects me deeply with the people I share it with. Interpretation is subjective though, and can be dangerous. In spite of the risks, creating, connecting, and improving my skills is all I ever want to do. I don't have a choice. Art chose me.

You deserve to have your creations come to life. Together we will meet, discuss your vision, and work to make it real.

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